Saturday, October 01, 2005


I haven't posted for quite sometime for several reasons. 1. I had to finish my bachelor thesis, which I did 2. I went on a holiday to Berlin 3. My computer has a nasty virus so I have no interent acces. The last problem will hopefully be solved by tomorrow so I am posting this from work on an extremely slow computer. This ofcourse also means that I cannot check my e-mail or read any knitting blogs. What is positive is that I found my digital camera and software so that I can post pictures (because a blog without pictures is quite dull). As for knitting, I am in way over my head working on: Union square market pullover (back armhole shaping almost finished), spiral scarf from Scarfstyle in Rowan cashsoft baby DK which is so soft and yummy that I can't wait to finish, French Market Bag as a knitalong with my mother ( a two person knitalong), Men's Raglan Zipped Cardigan in Kid Classic from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my beloved boyfriend and Birch the much knitted Rowan Scarf in Kid Silk Haze. The last two I have barely started. I hope to have regained internet acces by tomorrow and I hereby solemnly promise to blog and post pictures!
And Nederlass thanks for the nice e-mail it's nice to know that somebody reads this!